VA2CS Watch

Locate your patients / residents in your facility and outside in case of a runaway or a fall

In case of runaway (trigger by the user) or on request of the staff, you can visualise the position of the patient / resident on computer (web service) or smartphone (SMS with link). The location inside your institution requires wifi terminals.


The VA2CS Watch

VA2CS Watch
WIFI VA2CS: The Wifi network of the establishment
computer screen for visualization

Quickly locate any patient / resident in case of a runaway or a fall..

The watch identifies the wifi terminals it receives. The algorithm deduces its position.

Frequently asked questions

All you need to do is give us the names (SSID) of the existing Wi-Fi terminals in your institution and their position on a map. The watch does not need to connect to the wifi network.
It is our pleasure to provide you with the subscription, but you can subscribe directly through your operator a 500MB subscription / month.
The VA2CS Watch uses a Mini SIM.
By connecting the watch to a charger with a 5V micro USB connection (supplied), the watch recharges in less than an hour.
The Web interface allows to link a user with each watch. This link can be modified at any time.
Aside from warning trigger or location request no information is saved. Otherwise, the information is stored for 15 days in an encrypted manner. Their access is restricted to authorized personnel.