VA2CS at home for tele-assistants

Open your eyes…

… and offer a high-end service to your customers who, without anything to wear or to support, automatically detects fall and loss of consciousness. Thanks to the removal of visual doubt, you treat your alerts in 2 clicks.

Automatic fall detection

Automatic fall detection with doubt removal by image: minimized alert processing time.


Getting up from bed, going to the toilet, staying in an armchair for long periods of time.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition for visitor authentication and detection of potential intruders.


VA2CS suite at home

Day and night

VA2CS Mini No picture comes out of the house
Wifi Wifi integrated between the sensors and the mini VAC2S

Detect and analyse all behaviours in each room *

An innovative system and a patented process.

* The system automatically turns off if more than one person is detected.

How it works?


The VA2CS solution is integrated with the majority of alert reception systems: Tunstall PNC, Verklizan UMO and ESI


VA2CS in action

“One night, Mrs. X, living alone at age 83, is sliding down the floor as she leaves her shower. An alert is generated automatically by the VA²CS system. The listening officer then calls Madame X’s daughter. She gets on her way immediately. Ten minutes later, she enters the bathroom and discovers her mother on the floor. The listening officer then calls the UAS. Madame X will come out with a grave hematoma on her thigh. Thanks to the VA²CS system, she did not spend the night on the ground and was able to be treated quickly, thus avoiding serious complications. “

Mrs X , Paris X

In the middle of August, Mr. X, 74, lives alone. His neighbors went on vacation, and so his children. The shops are closed and it is too hot to leave the house. One night while getting up from the bed, he falls and unfortunately his locket is not at hand He can’t therefore manually activate the alert. The VA²CS system detects the fall and automatically alerts the remote assistance center, which will then inform the firefighters Nobody got hurt… “

Mr X , Nice

“One evening, Madame X gets up to go to the bathroom. As very often she does not think about taking her locket. Unfortunately she falls in her toilet and cannot contact relief. Having not seen Mrs X come out after 20 minutes, the VA²CS system sends an alert to the family and then to the remote assistance center. The family intervenes. “

Mrs X , Reims region

Frequently asked questions

A video of the 30 seconds preceding the triggering of the alarm is made available for operators who have the right to watch it.

A video of the 30 seconds preceding the triggering of the alarm is made available for operators who have the right to watch it.

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No pictures leave the house except in the case of an alert. In this case, only the image that triggered the alert and the 30-second video that precedes it are sent and stored for 15 days.

When an alert is generated, the alert information (sensor identification, alert date, display date and intervention date and associated image) are stored. None of this data is stored longer than 15 days. During this period, they are protected and encrypted and therefore only accessible to authorized personnel. These data are not considered health data. The Tele-Assist may give access to these data in case of request by the person concerned.